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      AvatarTravis Ehrhardt

      Hii..  i am new to this forum and found this after a very long google search.. As most of the persons here i too suffer from lots of pain for the past 6 years. My posture is bad and my left hip is lower than the right hip with a torsion at the pelvic region but it’s not a leg length discrepancy. I get pain at the front of my hips, adductors, glutes, near SI joints and hamstrings. But generally the pain in the hips shoots downwards but for me the pain is shooting upwards. Whenever i have pain in the before mentioned regions i get pain in and around my scapular region, my shoulder and spinal erectors. And to make it worse the pain is shifting from side to side. One day it is on the left side and another day it is on the right side accompanied by wrist pain on the right side. I have done posture correction therapy and all sorts of things and medication nothing seem to work. I quit my job because of this reason and my life is really broken into pieces. I don’t know what is happening down there but all i can feel is something like jammed and restricted motion. Please somebody help me to save my life.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Have you seen a chiropractor?
      An adjustment may be needed to realign your hips.

      You have worked on this, however, not seen change because you weren’t addressing the cause of the issue. Correcting movement and position is one piece.

      The upper body pain can result from having poor posture.
      Start with addressing the t spine. When there are deviations in the spine the primary engines of the hip and shoulder are impacted.
      10 day Free trial of MWod Pro (If you aren’t a pro member. You’ll need to log in to watch the episodes)

      Basic T-Spine Mobilization
      T-Spine Smash – Double Lacrosse Ball
      T-Spine Plate Smash
      Spend 15:00 minutes a day working on your t spine to start.

      Are you addressing your posture?
      Do you know the posture you are striving for? Sitting posture? Standing posture?
      Episode 251: High Skilled Sitting/Abdominal Bracing
      Episode 88: Desk Athlete Hip Rescue

      Torque and Trunk Stability Part 1: How to Stand

      Episode 118: SI Area Pain, The Basics

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