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      AvatarCharlie Steiner

      I haven’t seen anything in here or Supple Leopard regarding neck harness use. I sit in a chair with elbows on knees and bob head in full range on the sagittal plane (is that the correct term??) for 5 sets of 15 reps, my max is around 25 in a single set.

      I’m looking to increase neck strength. And secondarily as an adjunct to improve forward head posture.

      Is that something you guys do? Do you have any advice on proper form?

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      Kelly StarrettKelly Starrett

      Hey CS,
      We don’t do a ton of it. We stabilize the neck by working the shoulders. How much neck work do I need to do wearing a helmet and mtn. biking!
      But, I’m sure there are reasons for football/wresting. The research I’ve seen is that better jaw mechs/shoulder integration decreases concussion risk. I used to do lots of isometrics in wrestling.


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        Kelly StarrettKelly Starrett

        I’ll add, stretching the neck doesn’t usually help neck pain. Using the system does!

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