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      AvatarChingChin Wang

      Hello guys,

      I’m still trying to figure out what the root of my hip problems is.
      Does weakness in the pelvic floor muscles lead to hip instability and cracking/popping in the hips?

      I have the following symptoms:
      -Hip cracking/popping when moving my leg activly trough full range (i.e..: hip circles, leg raises)
      -Feeling of weakness in the groin/deep hip muscles (i.e.:when pressing legs together in grappling or when trying to resist abduction on a slippery ground)
      -No stretch on the hip flexors but more of capsular pain when doing deep lunge Stretches
      -Feeling like my hips are jammed up in the socket when coming out of hip flexion (i.e.: when coming out of a deep squat or frog stretch)
      -abrupt urgency, almost peeing myself when stressed, when I have colf feet or during training
      -some days I have to urinate up to 12 times
      -Weird feeling after bowel movement
      -Sensibel/tight gut area when therapist is massaging or when doing the gut Smash

      Thanks for your help!

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      AvatarChingChin Wang

      It feels like my pubic bones are moving on each other when I shift my weight from one leg to the other when standing or when coming out of cross-legged sitting.

      Any idea what it could be?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Could you have a urinary tract infection?
      It goes back to stability.
      Pelvic floor dysfunction could impact “abrupt urgency, almost peeing myself when stressed, when I have cold feet or during training, some days I have to urinate up to 12 times. weird feeling after bowel movement)
      Episode 357: Baby Mommas, Double Unders, Bladder Control, and a Little Bit of Pee
      Pelvic Floor Dysfunction with Jill Miller | Pro Episode #76
      Supple Grundles: Gut-Smashing for Better Boners | Pro Episode # 86
      Bladder Function Redux: Be Normal Not Common | Pro Episode # 88
      Have you seen a manual therapist or a practitioner who can access where your hip is in the joint?

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      AvatarChingChin Wang

      No, I don’t think I have a urinary tract infection more like pelvic floor dysfunction, because I have it for a long time (i.e. no morning Wood) but now it’s getting worse.

      I’m doing all the right stuff: working on neutral spine, working on my breathing, smashing the gut, smashing the adductor…

      I’m in physical theraphie, but she never accessed where my hip is in the Joint, how would she do that?


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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      What are your PT’s thoughts on the situation?
      Are you seeing any improvements?
      Have you asked your PT about placement of within your hip joint?
      Have you asked your PT about pelvic floor dysfunction?

      You need to maintain a neutral spine with positioning and movements.
      If you are working on things and not seeing improvements the situation needs to be looked at again/in a different way. There could be more going on.
      This could include getting a second opinion or seeing a different type of practitioner.

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      AvatarChingChin Wang

      PT dind’t just said I should do kegel exercises, but I’ve done them a few months ago and they could’ve done more harm than good. I was by 3 practionioners, I’m tired of looking for a acceptable PT.

      Mobility is improving but not the hip cracks.

      When I try to reset my pelvis by squeezing a ball between my knees with the adductors it feels really akward, like I couln’t recruit my deep groin muscles to contract and my strength there feels really low.

      Now I try do add electrolytes to my water and see if it gets better.

      And I’ll let my blood get checked, because I often have cold spots on my body, which could indicate bad blood circulation (maybe kidney Problems) after losing 70 pounds this year.

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      AvatarChingChin Wang

      PT said I have pubic instability, could I have pubic instability and pelvic floor dysfunction, or may I have one because of the other?

      What muscles do I need to strengthen and what muscles do I need to stretch to bring my pelvis back to normal?

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      AvatarChingChin Wang

      Bad function of the pelvic floor muscles (i.e. symptoms above), weak butt, tight adductors and a lot of sprinting and kicking could’ve led to pubic instability/osteitis pubis, right?

      But are the pelvic floor muscles actually too weak or could they be too tight like described in this article from katy: https://nutritiousmovement.com/atootightpelvicfloor/

      I did a lot of sitting, a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of ab-work the time the symptoms got worse.
      Could tight pelvic floor muscles also led to pubic instability, bad bladder control etc. or do they have to be weak?

      The treatment would be pretty much the opposite if they are too tight/short, right?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Yes, it can be difficult to find a practitioner.
      Good to hear you mobility is improving.
      You have alot going on so it can take some time for everything to be resolved.

      Have you checked the MWOD list for a practitioner in your area?
      This can be a first step.

      Have you asked your primary care about seeing someone who specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction?
      Or ask family, friends, other gym members if they know of one.

      Have you reset set your pelvis as shown
      Low Back Tweak Fast Fixes

      Adding electrolytes to your water are you dehydrated?
      Do you have numbness and/or tingling in the hands and feet?
      Change in skin color?
      Muscle cramps?
      If so see a doctor asap.

      Did you ask your PT how they reached the diagnosis of pubic instability?
      What is the plan to address this?

      Do you understand how to fully relax and fully contract your pelvic floor?
       Yes, hypertonic pelvic floor muscles can cause
      urinary frequency, urgency, hesitancy, stopping and starting of the urine stream, painful urination, or incomplete emptying.
      Possibility of a combination of hypertonic and hypotonic pelvic floor muscles.

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      AvatarChingChin Wang

      I’m from Switzerland, no mobilitywod practitioners over here.

      Yes, I did the reset for 3 weeks but I could crack it over and over again in my pubic bones.

      Yes, I drink 3-4 liters with added electrolytes.

      I get numb feet when sitting on the floor sometimes.

      No change in skin color or muscle cramps.

      I got an x-ray done and we did some active test on my hips. I do alot of active mobility work and PNF stretching, paired with glute strengthening.

      I know how to contract, but it’s hard to relax it. I always hold this tension im my pelvic floor, especially when stressed or tensed.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Have you considered doing a virtual consult with Roop?
      You tried to addressing it and need more help.
      A virtual session can help determine exactly what is going on and create a plan of action.

      What is causing your dehydration?

      Are you smashing your gut?
      Are you able to take a breath into your stomach and expand your waist?
      Have you researched a pelvic floor physiotherapist?

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