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        Hello! How general warm up should look like? How to structure it, so it doesn’t take an hour to do all the foam rolling, super squat, anterior hip openers etc?:) Let’s say you have a workout, where starting with some heavy OLY lifts, then some strength stuff and finishing of with a metcon, basically whole body workout, how to prep for it?  There were a few videos at crossfit journal on hip and shoulder prep, but could U get more in depth on that topic. 

        Thanks, Pavel
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          Mobility within a warm up should address the skills performed in the workout for that day.
          If something hits a problem area you may spend more time addressing that item.
          There isn’t time to mobilize everything prior to a workout.
          here are a couple episodes that address warm up elements:
          Warm Up: Erin Cafaro-Rowing (Olympic Gold Medalish)
          Warm Up: Brian MacKenzie Running Warm Up
          Episode 339: MWod and Warmup: Olympic Lifting
          Episode 40: USAW Oly Prep: Some New Hip Love /Psoas/Calves

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