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      Hey Guys!

      I know you guys are advocates for warming up and prioritizing what your going to be doing in that workout in your warm up along with 
      1) Elevated Heat Rate & Increase body temperature
      2) Joint Capsule Distraction/Approximation
      3) Dynamic Warm-up (Applying motor control to these movements)

      Here’s the problem I am having, with your crossfit workout I find it’s easier to get a quick, effective, and efficient warm up if you are primarily only training one or two main movements patterns because you can easily just focus your warm-up around that movement. But for a coach who is training someone  only two times per week to Hip-Hinge, Squat-Pattern, Horizontal Push/Pull, Vertical Push/Pull, and unilateral lower body varations all in one workout, How can I effectively warm someone up in all the positions without using up half the session just for the warm up.

      My typical Ideal warm-up would go assault bike for 30 calories, then some dynamic box jumps to work on motor control in the squat, then i’ll throw in some leg swings to focus a bit on the hip hing, then some banded distractions to work on the shoulder to prep them for horizontal Push/Pull and the Vertical Push/Pull and then by the time I am done all of that I feel as if I’ve spent 25-30 mins of the session and I still don’t feel as if that is an effective warm-up because by the time I’m done using the bands there Heart Rate has dropped due to time.

      So what I’m really trying to say is, can you suggest a routine that might speed up the process for warming up someone’s Squat Pattern, Hip-Hinge Pattern, Horizontal Push/Pull,  Vertical Push/Pull and Unilateral Lower Body Movements? 

      Example Workout 

      A1) Squat Pattern – Goblet Squats
      A2) Horizontal Row – Seated Cable Row

      B1) Hing-Hinge – Kettel Bell Swings or Deadlift
      B2) Horizontal Push – Push Ups

      C1) Vertical Push/Pull – Landmine Press / Chin Ups
      C2) Unilateral – Walking Lunge / 1-Leg Kettle Bell Dead-lift

      D1) Core Resisting Extension – Deadbugs
      D2) Resisting Lateral Bend – Side Planks

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      AvatarTom Matchinsky

      The warm up should only be as long as necessary. If you are training people just a couple times a week with a few movements then just get their heart rate up (rowing, bike, jump rope or a bit of all three) and then a small handful of things that resemble what you are working on that day then get after it. Make sure over the course of the week the warm ups have exposed them to all the shapes the arms and hips can be in so you as a coach can note places they have trouble going and prescribe homework or cool down work to target them. No reason to make it more complicated.

      MWOD Staff
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