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      AvatarTim Seaholme

      Hi All –

      I have been dealing with some knee/calf issues on my right leg for a few months now. Yesterday I tried to VooDoo Floss my calf muscle and after about 45 seconds i had an intense burning sensation on the side on my knee. Any thoughts on this? The knee has been giving me trouble over the past year but nothing serious.

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      AvatarVincent Aguirre

      This post came up on Google when I was researching the problem for myself. I joined today to finally read the comments… Great! There aren’t any lol.

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        AvatarKingsley Yew

        We first need to decipher if this is knee pain on the inside (big toe side) or outside (pinky toe side) of thee knee. Aside from that, some flags are raised such as burning and intense – which more indicates nerve involvement. If this is occurring more along the inner side of the knee, then you may have to explore the quality of the environment around the knee and thigh. If the burning sensation intensifies and covers a larger area, especially into the foot and toes, then it may be wise to see a pro.

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