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      AvatarStephanie See

      Can you voodoo floss the ankle? If so how? Anyone have experience with this?


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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Do you have a sprained ankle:

      Or did you want to just release the tissue? It can be used for that also.

      If you need ankle ideas, you can always watch the 5 part series Roop and Jami’s Excellent Ankle and Foot Adventure in Episodes… There also the Foot/Ankle webinar ….
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      Start mid shin and wrap down and finish mid foot.
      Point and flex your foot.
      Get some rotation as well.
      Same basics from here apply
      Pro Episode # 32 – VooDoo Floss Series #1, Theory and Elbow

      I have done this on athletes with very good results.

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      AvatarStephanie See


      I don’t have a sprained ankle, what i do have is a right ankle that has been broken twice, almost identical to each other many years ago.  My left ankle is very tight, and i have been told that when i squat my left foot is all over the place… I’m trying a multitude of techniques right now, from smashing from my achilles up into my calf to loosen up the fascia, some tennis ball trigger point stuff with plantar flexion and dorsi flexion… I’m just searching for ways to loosen these ankles up and try and gain some more squat depth. I did begin watching the five part ankle series yesterday, and began today peanut rolling my it band with the softball between my knees and working my peroneals… just at the beginning of a long journey to get my body back and was just looking for a little advice that’s all…
      thanks for taking the time to respond.
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      two other things to consider:

      1. if your ankle is compacted, you may seek out a good chiro/PT to release your ankles. this will give them room to move.  ankle DF will help with this, but releasing them will generally require some help.
      2. i had sprained my ankle several times and it resulted in some poor CNS connection through the ankle bet foot and the rest of my body. this was due to scar tissue built up which reduced the communication on what muscles to fire when the foot is placed down.  i had really tight anterior tibs and flexor hallicuses because of that.  a good PT told me to tape my ankles, called tib-fib taping, and i had to do it for 60 days straight.  the tape squeezes the tissue tight and helps reconnect the CNS from foot through ankle to the rest of the body. over this long period of time, the connection improves such that my problems went away!  you may want to inquire with your PT about tib-fib taping – btw this is not taping for support but a special taping method to keep the tissue tight at the ankle and improve the nervous system connection which was lost when you injured it.
      good luck!
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