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      AvatarAkash P

      Hello everyone! I am wondering if anyone knows of an post, article, book, website, anything really that gives techniques for flossing with voodoo floss (or instructions for other compression bands would work). I know there’s videos for like the knee, elbow, and other basics but does anyone know of a tool to reference to look up flossing techniques for any part/problem of the body?Basically just looking for something that will show what to wrap when faced with a specific problem. 

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      AvatarShannon cupp Cupp

      I’m guessing someone, some day, will put something out.  But my other guess is that no one has yet (that I know of) because if you watch KStar, or experiment on your own, here is the rule:

      Wrap the tissue (or nearby tissues) you want to change at a 70% stretch, and a 50% overlap, and then move.  It’s that simple and that’s what makes them so beautiful!
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      Yes it is that simple.
      Apply the concept to other areas.
      Informed freestyling.
      Do you have a specific question on something?

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      AvatarAkash P

      No specific question. Just wanted to find some sort of reference tool for future use is all! Thanks Scott!

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