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      AvatarMichael Miraglia

      Hi all,

      for me this forum and website is a revelation. I have found so much inspiration already. And I already had a Lacrosse ball and a voodoo tape sent to me in Tim Ferriss’ Quarterly box. I just didn’t know what to do with it.
      So, after some searching on the website, here is my question: How could I use the voodoo tape for my ankle and, more specific, my achilles tendon. I have developed some nasty achilles tendonitis in my left leg when picking up training again after the Boston 2014 marathon. Interestingly, I had a torn calve muscle in the left leg after hill repeats training for the 2013 Boston marathon. There must be some system error in my left leg? Or in my running style? I started smashing the area with the Lacrosse ball yesterday, after seeing some MWOD videos.
      Thanks for your comments and inspirations!
      Best wishes,
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      AvatarSuzanne Sheard
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      You can wrap your ankle then point and flex your toes.
      Pull your toes internally and externally
      Have a super friend do movement like an Indian sunburn.
      I’ve seen good results doing these on people’s ankles.
      Episode 25: Heel Cords of a Cheetah, Achilles Well Being
      Have you had anyone look at your running technique?
      Your heel may not be kissing the ground when you run.

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      AvatarMichael Miraglia

      Hi Jonathan and Kaitlin, thanks for the links.

      Kaitlin, what is an Indian sunburn?
      I have not had someone assessing my running technique. Maybe I should. 2 year ago, I have started to run on mid foot rather than heel and I also run hilly long distance trails (13.1+ miles) on Vibram 5 fingers.
      thanks again!
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      An Indian sunburn is when you twist something in opposite directions.
      For example, having the forearm in two hands and twisting the skin in opposite directions

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