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      AvatarJade Williams

      Hey guys!

      I’m a big fan of your videos and contributions, keep up the good work!

      I need some help deciding whether to buy Voodoo floss bands or X bands. I’ve had a shoulder problem for around 3 months now, it’s gotten slightly better since I’ve done a lot of rehab and I’ve followed many of the advices given by Kelly with the lacrosse balls, barbell, bands, etc. Since I really want to get back in the game ASAP, I though I’d give the voodoo bands a try. 

      According to my physio, I had an impingement due to weak rotator cuffs, for which I’ve been working very hard to strengthen. Now I want to try using voodoo bands to accelerate the healing process and be able to lift as I used to. I sometimes have some problems with my elbows as well. 

      Which one should I buy after all? Voodoo floss bands or X bands? I’m around 78kg and I used to do crossfit and oly before the injury. 

      Thanks for your help!

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      IMHO if it’s your shoulder and you don’t have a superfriend, then voodoo bands may be good.  it’s hard to wind bands around your arms by yourself so if the band is too strong, it may be hard for you to wind it up with the other arm.  

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      Start with a voodoo band.
      The voodoo x are if you need more compression than the voodoo band.

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