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      AvatarLuuk L

      Hi everybody,

      So I just discovered the Voodoo Floss Band and I’m totally new and interested the concept.
      Can anyone point me in the direction of a video or some other guideline?
      A few questions I have concerning the topic
      (Why) should I use it? What is the added value in comparison to other mobility gear
      when and how do you use it?
      What is happening within our bodies when we use it, how does it work?

      Thanks in advance!

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Here are a couple from the archive which start to answer some of your questions. There are many episodes, daily perform and daily recover that use voodoo floss on different body parts. Search voodoo floss or voodoo band to pull them up.

      Pro Episode #32 Voodoo Floss Series #1 Theory and Elbow

      Pro Episode #34 Voodoo Floss Primer: Elbow Part 2

      Pro Episode #36 Voodoo Series #3: The High Hamstring

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      Kelly StarrettKelly Starrett

      Hey Luuk,
      Kaitlin has it right. Also if you visit the advanced pain techniques, I’m pretty sure I made a video about basics. It’s likely a combination a localized blood flow restriction training and a global fascial/sliding surface mobilization.
      I can probably come up with many more reasons, but they are just theoretical!
      Test retest.

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