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      AvatarKelly Waters


      I have some questions on the voodoo bands.  Regarding Kelly’s most recent Mwod pro video on the voodoo flossing, he mentions that the black bands are good for tack/floss and for restoring mobility to injured/stiff tissues whereas the red bands are better for compression.  If someone were to have, say, a recent ankle sprain, would red bands be a better choice in this situation at first and then over time lean towards the black bands?
      Also, he mentioned the differences in wrapping towards the heart vs away from the heart.  If going for compression, do you wrap towards the heart?  And is it the opposite for restoring/enhancing mobility?
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      Avatar[email protected]

      Great question.
      Ideally you would want to use the red band for compression with an ankle sprain. You’re trying to flush ‘out’ the joint.
      The red band will do a much better job.
      Point of warning though… the red band may hurt a bit on that sprained joint.

      If you were using the band for compression of a sprained joint you want to wrap towards to heart. The concept being that you are pushing or ‘compressing’ the waste products in the sprained joint out and away from the joint capsule. For instance in the ankle start the wrap at the mid-foot and wrap towards the knee.

      Best of luck!

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      AvatarAlex Daubon

      I’m still confused regarding the Voodoo Bands.

      So, use the red bands for compression. Ok, when do I want to compress the joint? Only when it is sprained? And when I compress it, is the goal exactly the same as when using the black bands – to work the joint through its entire range of motion?

      Also, I would love to see more voodoo floss videos – especially ones that involve self wrapping, and ways to mobilize the joint without a partner.

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