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      AvatarAndy Ainsworth

      What is more effective for improvements in tissue quality the voodoo floss band or a good old barbell smash??

      Just wondering what peoples opinions are??
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      I feel that they do slightly different things.

      The barbell will give you more aggressive acute tissue manipulation.

      The voodoo flossing will help all around joint tissue and also help push blood into knooks and crannies that have poor blood access as well as providing a “flush” once the compression band is released.

      So for “more effective” improvements – it depends on what you’re weak on. If you have specific tissue tightness and can access it with a barbell, then the barbell is the most effective.

      If you are recovering from an injury or  need overall tissue improvement in, on, and around the joint, then flossing would be the most effective.

      Both of those, and band distraction, lacrosse balls, etc. are all TOOLS. The tool that will be most effective depends on the job at hand.

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      AvatarAndy Ainsworth

      Great. Thanks for the reply.will be putting both methods to good use!!

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