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      AvatarGina Suhler

      Hi all, has any one had any experience with vmo pain and swelling, it’s brought on the most after cycling or deep squats, the teardrop shape muscle swells as it inserts into patella just above the knee on theinside. Any links or suggestions much appriciated.


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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Sometimes vmo pain can be caused from atrophied quad.
      Did you have time off and go back to riding?
      Or increase mileage recently?
      You may have increased mileage too fast.

      Are you working up/down stream of the issue?
      Hip and ankle?
      Do you have full range of motion in the knee?
      Do your knees go forward first when you squat?
      Wonky, Beat Up Joint? Feed That Thing Good Mechanics and Some Slack

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