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      AvatarDeven Williams

      Discouraged with my progress in both identifying and resolving some mobility issues I have, yesterday I had a Skype consult with Roop from SFCF.

      Best money I’ve ever spent!
      After I gave him a short history and my assessment of where I though I had issues and what I have been doing to address them, he had me perform a couple movement from both the side and front view for him.
      We spoke then about addressing areas that he thought need the work and he gave me a very focused list of mobility work to do so. I had been doing only 2 of the 5 he suggested and not fully in the manner he suggested.
      That focused approach was just what I was hoping for and I’ve already started to implement his additions to my program.
      Roop was great at explaining things and very easy to talk to. I would suggest anyone looking for help [beyond the excellent information here and MobilityWOD] seriously consider a virtual consult.

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      Great feedback about your session with Roop.
      Thanks for sharing your experience so more people can understand what a skype session involves.
      Now you have a plan with exactly what you need.
      Look forward to hearing how things are going.

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      AvatarDeven Williams

      10 day in to Roop’s Rx and I can OH squat [with load] MUCH more comfortably/confidently.

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      AvatarMax Sandlin

      Not to be a creep, but did you consult him about your knee pop? i remembered your previous post.

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      AvatarDeven Williams
      Thanks for remembering….  😉

      I’d gotten a pretty good handle on my knee issue. Major ugliness up/down stream that I’ve addressed to a pretty decent extent. No one could ever give me an exact cause/diagnosis. Rolling/smashing/mobilizing is on-going to keep things on track. 

        Trip to the ortho showed a bit of arthritis under both patella’s, tried HA injection but [as my sister the MD told me they wouldn’t] they didn’t help me. Just taking NSAIDs now and the patella issue is fine.

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      AvatarJohn Terrier

      What sparked you to get a consult? I have been thinking about it but have been reluctant to pull the trigger due to not being sure they could help. (although, no one I have worked with so far has helped my issue either). I have a gut feeling my issue is muscle/ movement related and no one in my area views injury from a system of systems framework.

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      AvatarDeven Williams

      No confidence in the area PT’s I’d see [CF is dangerous and squatting is bad for you!]. Not making the progress I was hoping to in a few areas. Not really sure which mobility exercises to be using and a bit overwhelmed with the entirety of possible mobility targeting areas.

      Roop identified the areas he thought should be addressed first and gave me the focused mobility work to do so.
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      AvatarJohn Terrier

      Awesome. Thanks for sharing your experince. I might have to pull the trigger on this one.

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