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      I saw a link recently to  Mobilitywod video on driving and positioning in the driver’s seat of a car.  Now can’t find it, anyone have the link?  Thanks

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      hmm was it this one:

      i searched around for car seat videos. found some airplane seats, and general sitting, but only this one came up with respect to car seats…
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      Thanks, looks good, but not the one I was thinking of, different opening scene in the video.

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      Thanks Kaitin, the Car Gnarly episode was the one I was the one I saw, but all look good. 

      I have a bad situation in that the first thing Kelly mentions, change your seating postition, doesn’t work for me since I pretty much only fit in the car one way due to the roofline.

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      It becomes working within the context of your situation.
      Having the most optimal positioning within the constraints of the situation.
      What can you improve?
      How close to the ideal positioning can you replicate within your situation?
      Pull it apart and start building a better position piece by piece

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      Thanks Kaitlin.  My challenge may be my car is just too small. I’m 6’2″ and 200 pounds.  I’m driving a Honda Civic coupe (with a sunroof so less headroom) so very little room to move/change postitions.  Car seemed okay when I wasn’t driving much, but my circumstances changed and I’m in it 2 hours or so a day now. 

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      Your situation changed and you are in the car more are you addressing things when you are out of the car to undo what can happen from sitting for long periods?
      That is another way to address the situation.
      Adjust what you can in the car.
      Are you in an organized sitting position in the car?
      May be good to make a short stop get out of the car walk around a little to break it up some.

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