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      Hi, my R knee tracks inward during any single leg movements.

      Went to a respected PT and he says that I should just accept it based his prognosis of hip anteversion based on the fact that my hip rotation is internally higher and externally lower.

      He warned that I could tear a labrum by trying to force the issue. Thoughts on where I should go from here?

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      I would start my single leg work in ranges you can control while also working at slower tempos and with pauses at positions you find challenging. For someone who truly has increased femoral anteversion you cannot force yourself into positions that your skeletal anatomy will not allow. However, we can work on strength and motor control to better work on controlling knee position. I wouldn’t be too worried about damaging your hip or labrum as long as you are not pushing into pain or extreme end ranges that irritate the hip. How are your squats? Do you ever have issues with valgus knee on these or other movements under fatigue or load?

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      Appreciate the info Michael!

      My squats are pretty solid. The knee bounces in & out just a tad near the bottom of a heavy squat. My working weight pre Covid was around 235x5x3. Haven’t done crossfit in years so it hasn’t been an issue with fatigue.

      While my hip range of motion may indicate femoral anteversion, is it possible that my body has adapted to poor mechanics? Ie heavy back squats with feet turned out and years of 2-foot jumping in basketball with R foot turned in.

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      Hey marcsense!

      There certainly can be soft tissue restrictions due to poor mechanics and our day to day activity (ie spending too much time sitting). Tt’s worth working on any soft tissue work around the hip and trying to open up the hip and restoring any ROM available to you. You can regain this motion if it is not due to bony morphology. You can perform mobilizations such as these and do a test-retest to see if there is an improvement in your positions.


      However, if there are limitations in your bone morphology mobility work cannot change that and you don’t want to push to the point of impinging or creating discomfort in the hip. So work on soft tissue limitations if there are any but again as mentioned above valgus knee can be improved by maintaining a solid arch in foot spending time working on strength and motor control around the hip.


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      Thanks Mike! Will get to work and hopefully see some improvement.

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