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      AvatarWilliam Bates

      Hey guys,

      Just a question I’m sure has been answered before, but I struggle to keep my body upright during back squat/OHS.

      I used to think I was limited through the thoracic more than anything, however I’ve noticed that I’ve I perform both movements with my heels slightly elevated (About 2-3cms) my torso remains straight and therefore my overhead position remains strong. Could this be a sign of poor ankle mobility that hinders me when the foot is flat?

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Yes, with the heels slightly elevated it buffers limitations within ankle mobility.
      May be a combo of limitations with hip & ankle mobility.
      An episode to check out on the demands of an upright torso Episode 362: The Hip Demands Of The Upright Torso
      Are you seeing improvements with what you have been doing?

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      AvatarWilliam Bates

      Thanks for the reply Kaitlin! I’ll test out my form against what’s suggested in the video next time I train.

      I have been noticing improvements since really targetting my ohs/snatch ROM. I have a lot of past ankle injuries I think I need to reverse, and have always been quite tight through my hip flexors and especially adductors.

      I’ve been using voodoo and banded distraction for my ankles, and using pidgeon and the Olympic wall squat for adductors. I usually follow along with the daily mWod on top of that so there has been soft tissue work etc

      I think my flexors have loosened significantly only due to how quick I can now become upright and comfortable in the couch stretch, which used to seem unbearable after 5 or so seconds.

      Sorry I know these issues are hard to diagnose remotely, but it’s good to know I might be on the right track. Thanks.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Great you are seeing improvements with the work you are doing.
      You have identified areas that need work which is good. Direction to your work.
      Doesn’t sound like these are new issues so will take diligent consistent work and looking at movement patterns to get to why the hip flexors and adductors are remaining tight.

      Improvements in the couch series is solid. Systems of systems as one thing improves you can see improvements in others. Working up and down stream of where you see the problem. Where you see it isn’t always where it originates.

      As your t spine situation improved you identified other things that need attention. How things work.
      Keep working with things and it is great to hear things are improving.
      Questions on anything shoot me a message.

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      AvatarWilliam Bates

      Thanks again for the feedback Kaitlin.

      I have noticed one change since increasing my ankle and calf work, the return of an issue I used to have from time to time.

      Occasionally I’ll get a sudden stiffness/almost locked feeling along the back of my foot.

      I have previously mentioned it to a chiro a fair while a ago and I remember some reference to the talus.

      If I just get some ROM into my ankle by say writing the alphabet with my foot, it usually frees up pretty quick.

      I’m wondering if this is something you’ve seen before, and if there is an any advice what to do? I’ve seen some mentions of heel cord on this site and it almost feels as though it is like a rubber band at full tension which clicks to one side and the tension lessens – is this possibly what I should be looking at addressing?

      Thanks in advance.

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      AvatarPatrick Thomas

      Is your ankle collapsing?
      What did the chiro do or say to address it?
      Talus bone may be out of position.

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