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      AvatarCaitlin Chapman
      hey guys, i’m new to this community
      and hope to find helpful answers here. I already did my homework, which
      means I read through a lot of threads with similiar topics plus I
      watched tons of videos from the archive. anyway, I’m desperate because I
      can’t find the right explanation/solution for my problem.

      the problem is: I don’t have an upright torso while
      squatting. I need to concentrate really hard to not look like a ski
      jumper when I do air squats.I am capable of doing front, back and OH
      squats and oly in my trainings, but I am sure that I could be more
      successful with an upright torso position.

      Mobility in general is not my biggest strength. I know my
      ankles are my weakest points. I can go into a deep squat with
      weightlifting shoes after having done some mobility excercises. I can
      also change from that position to a pistol sit (which as you know is a
      test from Kelly to see if the problem is the ankles). I know
      weightlifting shoes are only a tool and not the solution but I just need
      them because I am really, like really really stiff.

      Moreover I don’t have any problems doing a correct couch
      stretch. I see a lot of people doing worse who can squat a lot more
      upright than me. I just don’t get it.

      Ass to grass squat
      while wallsquatting is just not possible for me. When I do a bar hold
      squat my torso is upright but at the deepest point I feel like my weight
      is pulling me backwards. If I let go of the bar, I fall backwards

      So I guess thats enough of chaotic information – sorry for
      that. I hope someone can take some time to help a desperate german
      crossfitter. i can definitly provide pics and/or videos if necessary.

      thanks in advance.

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      What are you doing to address hip mobility?
      Episode 362: The Hip Demands Of The Upright Torso
      MWod Leopard Test
      Falling back in a squat is from not having full ankle flexion.
      Bottom position knee need to be out with heels flat on the ground.
      End range hip flexion
      Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

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      AvatarCaitlin Chapman

      Hey katilin. Thx for your fast Feedback. I have to admit i am not doing anything for hip mobility apart from Couch stretch and hip external Rotation on a box. I can do the kettlebell oh squats with weightlifting shoes with little Weight but i guess that’s because of my relatively good shoulder mobility. My Torso Position doesn’t change. So i need to improve my hip mobility? Do you Happen to know some excercises to do that? TIA

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Dennis,

      Go after the ankles, and go after them hard.
      The fact that you’re able to squat more upright in the Oly shoes points strongly in that direction. Since they wedge your heel up, they take some of the mobility demand off of the ankle. More hip mobility would help you further compensate for that lack, yes, but that probably isn’t the best way to solve your problem.
      It can be frustrating, and they can take a lot of consistent effort to improve, but things will pick up. Don’t stop until you can perform that pistol switch without your Oly shoes.
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      AvatarCaitlin Chapman

      Thank you for your Feedback. I’ve watched a lot of ankle mobility Material and exercised but I just dont feel its getting better. When i am at the deepest Point of the Squat i feel my ankle “collapse” a little bit and then i fall backwards. Do you know any non plus Ultra exercises that can help speeding up the Process a little? Tia

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      Is your foot collapsing causing your ankle to collapse?
      Episode 07: Bro, Your Navicular Bone Dropped
      How often are you working on it?
      Shorter doses more often throughout the day is a place to start.

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