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      Avatarsimon brooks


        I was just wondering what the mobilitywod community thinks about upper cervical chiropractors. I am starting to see one recently since I had a concussion, and am still having some post concussion symptoms.

        I think an upper cervical chiro is my best option. I think its better than taking medications or receiving injections or anything.

        What are your thoughts?

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          Chiro care is definitely a piece of the puzzle.
          Getting things back in the correct positioning is a key in resolving situations.
          Are you seeing improvements with your situation?

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          Avatarsimon brooks

            I’ve only been a couple times, but it seems to be helping. The problem is probably posture and keeping it in place.

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              Good to hear it is helping.
              Correcting your posture is a piece to resolving the situation. You are more aware of your posture now and the corrected positioning will become your default position over time.
              At first it can seem like alot of work (maintaining a changed posture) however it will not remain this way.
              As with changing technique/posture it can take a little time, however, will become your default positioning breaking one habit and creating another.

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