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      AvatarChristopher Weigel

      Hi guys,

      I’m having a tough time with my upper back and ribcage. Often times the muscles just start tightening (between shoulder blades) which affects my breathing and is a very unpleasant feeling. I can’t identify specific situations when it happens. Sometimes the tightness is there right after I get out of bet, sometimes when I’m out for a walk or when I sit for an extended period of time.
      Besides the tightness, I get Mid/Upper Back cramps regularly, e.g. when I lie down flat on the ground doing an overhead reach with my arms. Also my hips are very tight, internal rotation is limited/non existent and my TFL cramps in some positions.

      I’m working a desk job but my posture looks more overextended than hunched. I would be grateful for any help.


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      AvatarTravis Jewett

      The ribcage/thoracic spine is an area that is very responsive to consistent input. The best recommendation is to utilize the Virtual Mobility Coach we offer on the website and select the upper back area and get access to a lot of pin point information about mobilizing the thoracic spine and rib cage and breathing drills to support the work. You can also look at videos about PRI and there may be some beneficial collaborative work that can be done.

      Travis Jewett
      TRS Coaching Staff

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