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      I have been going through an issue with my right arm for quite a while now. It is a pain in the outside of my arm. Not really my tricep or my bicep. I have no pain in my shoulder or wrist. I have had my push-up form checked and it is spot on… But the pain is strongest while doing push-ups. Sometimes I feel the pain while doing other pressing movements but it is only acute while doing push-ups. Sometimes I fee it while reaching for something behind me or moving my elbow upward (think flapping chicken wings). It only effects my right arm and does not feel like a muscle or joint pain.

      I have tried working it with a lacrosse ball as well as avoiding pressing movements for a long period of time in case it needed to recover. Almost a year of trying everything and the pain is still there preventing me from doing push-ups.

      I’m hoping someone may have experienced something similar or might have an outside the box opinion on what this pain could be/how to fix it.

      Thank you

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      Have you tried using a ball softer than a lacrosse ball?
      A Yoga Tune Up ball is a great option. In a tender area a lacrosse ball is too hard and your muscles and tissues can’t relax and absorb the work you are doing.

      Have you had anyone smash the area for you?
      Have you used a barbell to smash the area on all sides of your arm?

      You may not have pain in the shoulder or wrist, however, you may have restrictions in those areas. Pain is a lagging indicator. Are you doing any mobility for those areas? Looking up/down stream of where you see the problem. Where you see this problem isn’t always where the problem originates. You can buffer things for a time until you can’t any more.

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