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      AvatarAmine Bennani
      How did I get here?  here’s my working theory: Too much heavy deadlifting throughout the year causing  elongation of bicep tendon and rotator cuff muscles (especially supraspinatus). This is of the left side or the overhanded grip hand.  
      Here’s a video me demonstrating my shoulder asymmetry after some fatigue. http://youtu.be/H8NC8CmU6Oc
      I wanted to get some feedback for some methods of how to solve my problem.  I’m thinking rear delt work and rotator cuff work on the left side.  Roll out the levator and rhomboids and stick with light dumbbells for upper body work. No more deadlifts and bench press.
      Has anyone had this ?  Is the start of frozen shoulder?  Nothing hurts but my bench press had really declined the past 3 weeks. 225lbs has never felt so heavy.  My best is competition is 303lbs.  My best rep max for 225lbs is 11 reps.
      Mobility Wod Community, help me! thanks for reading!

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      So what else do you do in your workout? only DL and benching?

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