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      Here is a picture of me with my scapula retracted https://imageshack.com/i/poF2dKOkp

      As you can see there is big difference from side to side which is really compromising most of my lifts. My left shoulder is the ‘good’ one as I feel I have more scapular control on that side and no pain either, however on the other side I don’t feel I have as much scapular control and somtimes feel a tightness in my levador scapula and upper traps when I retract and depress.
      Lately I have been focusing on strengthening my lower traps and releasing/ stretching my upper traps and chest but unfortunately the problom remains.
      I would really appreciate some advice on what’s wrong and what I should be doing, thanks

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      AvatarJoseph Selva

      hey dude, judging from the photo, i would say you aren’t as uneven as you think. I’ve seen a lot of people come into the clinic with gross asymmetries. If you are looking for better scapular control, I would work on just that. like doing some ball on the wall exercies…figure 8 or alphabet, work on keeping the shoulder stable and in place as you move just the arm. message me if you need more clarity.  I’d also work on crawling before you start your work out. crawling is a great way to improve shoulder stability and mobility. do it by starting in all 4’s (table top position). keep your toes on the ground and lift your knees about an inch or two off the ground.  then slowly!… move the right hand and left leg. you should move about a foot in a half per step.  go very slow and controlled. this will help with your serratus anterior and help stabilize both shoulders. also be sure to stretch your left hip. there is an anatomical cross over effect on all animals that walk on all fours. for example. a horse moves it’s right front leg in the same time and motion that it moves the back left. this is why working on crawling is so good for us humans (previous quadrupeds). keep up with releasing your levator and upper traps. Foam roll/ and Ball work, do both sides too. you’d be surprised what you might find tight despite never feeling anything to be tight.  Good luck 

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