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      AvatarJustin Barber

      as super as all these videos and book photos are, everyone seems to be on a flat surface. my daily hike/trail running workout is on a super hilly surface. it is steep, uneven, slippery, often muddy,rooty,  rocky,  sometimes on a LOT of snow. (i know, fun! right?) (seriously.) my 2 questions are: 1. any special tips for proper alignment when running or walking on a very steep and uneven surface? sometimes i lean forward. like a lot. is that OK? horrible? is the sideways shuffle on downhill good or silly? and 2. are tools like snowshoes, yaktrax and ski poles which one  might use in wintry mountainous areas harmful to alignment over time?

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      Running Uphill and Downhill
      Trail running
      Running in the sand
      Running up hill
      Running Technical Sections

      If something is helping you to maintain a more stable position or more stable footing use it.

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      AvatarJustin Barber

      Thank you. These are helpful.

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