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      This non-controversial anatomy video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SK_O-NuFr4 seams to suggest the calcaneus would move laterally as the foot collapsed, and it would move medially as we create a stable arch. Kelly and Roop’s recent Saturday video (before they actually do the this MOB) shows us the ROM of the ankle that ‘s needed and we can clearly see with both of their examples that their own ankles calcaneus’s glide laterally when the foot collapses and glides medially when their arches pick up. 

      So the question is: why are we trying to glide the Calcaneus laterally while putting the foot in a dorsiflexed and stable-arched position???

      Any help on this is greatly appreciated! Thanks!  
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      Simple laymen answer would be that everything plays a role in having full range of motion.  I am having a medial malleolus blocking issue, but when I smash my calcaneus it seems to relieve some of that blocking feeling and I can get somewhere with banded distractions

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