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      AvatarRichard O’Reilly

      Hi as you can probably see I’m new to the community and thank you for having me. I just recently picked up the book because I need to understand what I’m doing wrong with my workouts. Before I got hurt (6 months ago) I’d consider myself in the best shape of my 37 year old body. Since then I’ve been only doing spinal decompression and light stretching with some running or elliptical. I’ve als seen a doctor that specializes in spine treatment she gave me diagnosis of what’s going on but I don’t think she got the full picture. After some questioning I was asked to get up and walk around and she noticed my left shoulder, a little bit more forward than it should. It turns out there is a slight curve between shoulder blades ‘backwards c’. This has stretched upper left back muscles and shortened my left Pec.
      She recommended
      1)tennis ball in a sock and massage my back pinning the ball against the wall and moving my shoulder around.
      2) laying on my ride side with small towel rolled underneath in line with shoulder blades.
      3) while still laying on right, Raising my left arm at 11 o’clock and getting deeper/ further with each exhale.
      4) extending left arm in doorway to stretch pec as well
      5) lumbar support – deflated rubber in arch of back while sitting.
      I must admit, it has helped some but I’m still unable to stay asleep at night. In the morning I have phlegm, I’m hoping this all part of a healing crisis and I am getting better.

      Please let me know if you’d like to know more and I’d love to hear your thoughts or recommendations.

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      AvatarKeith Broussard

      What is it that wakes you up? Pain anywhere? Or just can’t get comfortable? What part of the back?

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