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      AvatarDavid Dunk

      Is anyone else having difficulty watching the videos on Android? I have a Galaxy S3 and unfortunately have to only watch them on PC/Laptop??

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      AvatarDaniel Moore

      Same problem here…. I have a Galaxy Stellar and noticed yesterday the videos would not play.

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      I’ve had some success with them playing on my Samsung Note 2, though it has been mixed.

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      AvatarArtem Mishchenko

      I can’t get them to work on my S4 either.

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      AvatarKate Anderson

      Same here. I have the Nexus 4. I can get audio but no video. Bummer, as I was hoping to use this while in the gym. Now I’ll have to lug around Kelly’s (massive but otherwise great) book instead…

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      Photon Browser App on Android works for me.  I have the EVO 4G LTE.  I have to clear the cache (in the app itself) pretty often though.  I can usually watch 1-2 videos before I have to clear the cache.  It sometimes freezes as well.  NOT ideal, but better than not being able to watch them at all!

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      AvatarAlex Timmings

      Is this something that is likely to be fixed. 

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      AvatarChris Fichtner

      same issue,,, i get them to start and then they crash every time.

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      Yes, this situation is being addressed.
      Unfortunately it is a situation that is out of the MWod’s direct control.
      There is an issue with embedded vimeo videos (on any site, not just ours)  playing on android devices.
      Vimeo is aware of it and is working on a solution.
      We realize this is not a new issue.
      Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to speed up Vimeo’s support for android devices.
      In the interim, you can access the daily rx on a computer, ipad, non-android (or other phones experiencing an issue) devices.

    • #72599
      AvatarAlex Timmings

      looks like vimeo have been working on it for sometime…. maybe they are just hoping it goes away. i hope MWOD aren’t paying for there services. i think the strong lifts inner circle might have used vimeo in the past.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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