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      AvatarDavid Dunk

      Is anyone else having difficulty watching the videos on Android? I have a Galaxy S3 and unfortunately have to only watch them on PC/Laptop??

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      AvatarDaniel Moore

      Same problem here…. I have a Galaxy Stellar and noticed yesterday the videos would not play.

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      Avatar[email protected]

      I’ve had some success with them playing on my Samsung Note 2, though it has been mixed.

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      I can’t get them to work on my S4 either.

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      AvatarKate Anderson

      Same here. I have the Nexus 4. I can get audio but no video. Bummer, as I was hoping to use this while in the gym. Now I’ll have to lug around Kelly’s (massive but otherwise great) book instead…

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      Avatar[email protected]

      Photon Browser App on Android works for me.  I have the EVO 4G LTE.  I have to clear the cache (in the app itself) pretty often though.  I can usually watch 1-2 videos before I have to clear the cache.  It sometimes freezes as well.  NOT ideal, but better than not being able to watch them at all!

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      AvatarAlex Timmings

      Is this something that is likely to be fixed. 

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      AvatarChris Fichtner

      same issue,,, i get them to start and then they crash every time.

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      Yes, this situation is being addressed.
      Unfortunately it is a situation that is out of the MWod’s direct control.
      There is an issue with embedded vimeo videos (on any site, not just ours)  playing on android devices. https://vimeo.com/forums/topic:43712
      Vimeo is aware of it and is working on a solution.
      We realize this is not a new issue.
      Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to speed up Vimeo’s support for android devices.
      In the interim, you can access the daily rx on a computer, ipad, non-android (or other phones experiencing an issue) devices.

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      AvatarAlex Timmings

      looks like vimeo have been working on it for sometime…. maybe they are just hoping it goes away. i hope MWOD aren’t paying for there services. i think the strong lifts inner circle might have used vimeo in the past.

Viewing 9 reply threads
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