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      AvatarChase Urvinitka

      I did a lot of heavy shoulder to overhead work this week, and noticed a little bit of tightness yesterday in my right shoulder. I woke up this morning, and was unable to flex my right trapezius muscle. There is no pain associated with it, and I’m still able to perform a lot of shoulder movements. I did a lot of mobility this morning in the first rib area, but have yet to find anything super junky. 

      Anybody have any idea what this might be? Pecs? Thoracic tightness? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
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      You may need to work on things for a couple times to start to see a difference.
      Have you addressed any of the other areas?
      Are you seeing improvements?

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      Avatar[email protected]

      I posed a similar question earlier this week under “Possible nerve impingement..”

      It’s been that way for a couple of years for me. I first noticed it after a BJJ injury involving a very sudden very hard distraction of my shoulder. It doesn’t seem to limit my movement. However my shoulder does just have a faint uncomfortable feeling all the time.

      Mine does seem to be improving ever so slightly with scap and t-spine work and a bit of conscious effort when pressing heavy overhead or doing gymnastic movements.

      Is it possible you were just unable to flex it earlier and only just noticed this now?

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