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      AvatarDan MacDougald

      Hi there, I have experienced Ulnar Sided Wrist and hand Pain for roughly 6 months. 

      Have had an X-Ray and MRI, Findings:

      No broken bones, or damage to rectangular-fibro cartilage. 

      Flexor Carpi Ulanris Tendinosis, also patchy bone oedema of all bones (bone bruise) – Orthopaedic surgeon disagrees however as no loss in ROM or strength – just increased blood flow in area.

      Thinking of getting the Arthroscopic surgery, but it is hella expensive.

      Haven’t done anything that puts the wrist in radial deviation under load: Snatch C&J in months, but it feels like the pull ups and training around the injury doesn’t even help.

      Any past experience getting over a similar issue or recommendation on what I should do from here would be greatly appreciated. I’m 24 years old and want to train hard again.

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