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      Hi all,

      I was curious as to Kelly and the team’s exposure and possible influence in practice created by Travell and Simon’s work on trigger points.  Is KStar a big trigger point guy?  Roop?  I know he always says, “contract/relax” which is a key trigger point technique, but I’m just curious to know how much his practice is influenced by their work.
      I’ve heard him reference Tom Meyers, Gil Hedley, Jill Miller….
      Any thoughts team?
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      Anytime Kelly suggests some kind of ball or roller you can work on trigger points.

      Kelly never really seems to focus on trigger points, but is rather focused on overall tissue health and suppleness.  But that doesn’t mean that working out those trigger points shouldn’t be done or focused on when performing his mobility exercises.

      I think the trigger points is just one of many things you should look and feel for when doing what Kelly suggests.

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