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      AvatarTim Morey

      Hey guys,

      I have pretty much accepted that I can never squat again.  I have a very small part of my right lateral meniscus (so much so that a radiologist said he could not even notice it) missing and I have a small tear in the articular cartilage beneath it.  I’m 24, and I am done trying to squat with no progress.  My body keeps shifting to my good side, and even though my knee pain does not seem that severe on paper, it has altered my mechanics and no matter how much I stretch/smash/mobilize, I can’t fix them.  The shift keeps causing me to sprain my SI joint and after a year or so of battling, I am getting nowhere.
      So, my question is what are some tips to stay fit?? My SI is sprained right now and I have to give it a few weeks to get better.  I know how fundamental squatting is to CF but my body simply wont let me do it, does anyone have any pointers on staying fit without any squatting (not even air squats!)
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      AvatarTim Morey

      And is it possible to get strong legs without squatting?

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      can you deadlift? 

      also why not squat just to 90 and forget the deep squat, given your condition?  if a WOD contains some squatting, why not sub in another move like DLs?
      you may also want to try retraining your squat. it would mean a lot of work at very light weights, potentially some corrective exercises.
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      Are you squatting in a flat shoe? Allstars, DC or any skate shoe are good options.
      Have you looked up/down stream of your knee to feed slack to the system?
      Carl Paoli has an excellent set of progressions on the Cody app Freestyle Move Strong 1. It takes the skill from base level and builds positioning. I’ve used it with  a few people with great results.

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