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      When I squeeze my quads and glutes, and screw my feet into the ground I have a problem with my big toe/ball of foot leaving the ground and I feel most of my weight over on the outer edge of my foot and pinky toe. Just curious is this normal? I know the big toe is suppose to stay in contact but what should the foot look like with torque and how should it feel?



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      I like to go with the May 20th mwod as an intro into getting your toes involved and determining how well your toes move.

      I think because he does one leg at a time he ends up making it a little more complicated for a beginner.  

      If you are having a hard time with the video, I would grab a yoga mat, kneel on your ankles and see if you can reach over head and bend backwards.  

      The other part of this is also to relax and breathe.  You can’t be scared of this exercise or have this cause pain for you.  You want to make your brain relax into the new range of motion.  
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      Yes, big toe/ball of foot leaving the ground can create a problem.
      When the big toe lifts you lose the arch in your foot and shuts your quad off.
      Ankle can collapse when performing the movement.
      Ankle impingement | Feat. Kelly Starrett | MobilityWOD

      Heel cord may be tight
      Episode 25: Heel Cords of a Cheetah, Achilles Well Being
      Episode 85: Unglue Your Sticks Man

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      Thank you guys so much! I’ll get to work and see if I can’t get some improvement

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