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      Watching through some of the old MobilityWOD videos last night I stumbled upon a suggestion which I tried this morning to great effect. Grabbing a 750ml insultated water bottle (the insulation doesn’t matter but the double-wall of it gives me a bit of confidence that it won’t get crushed under my weight) I pressure-wave smashed my hips and quads. It has that added firmness that my foam roller can’t quite match but is just the right size to work over the muscles and get into those smaller nooks & crannies. The last few night’s I’ve been using a kettlebell to smash my quads but definitely feel like I’m able to exert more effect and really get a good ‘wave’ going by rolling laterally across the bottle. As an added bonus, it’s easily transportable if travelling anywhere, and can be used for it’s intended purpose of holding water!

      Just wanted to share as it was hidden away in the video and almost chucked in as an aside by Kelly as an alternate to using a foam roller, but for me it (so far) seems like a natural improvement and is something that a lot of people will have laying around their home.

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Great to hear you found a tip that is helping to improve your experience working with your mobility restrictions.
      There are alot of different items which can make great tools to work different aspects areas.

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