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      AvatarMike du Randt

      Hi Team,

      Having been a member of TRS for a few months now I have come to realize this journey is a life long one and no sort term fix. Diet, sleep, exercise, stress, hydration and all those factors playing a role in our movement and pursuit to be better. So ultimately I’ve taken the time to “tick the boxes”. Trying my best to dial in on every aspect of life here. Getting the right sleep (hopefully), sound nutrition, less stress, hydrated, as well as a movement practice daily.

      Thus my problem.. I have chosen one archetype to work with as its the one that translates to most exercises. The squat. I have spent the last few months working on improving this archetype. Seen some improvements and I feel great. However its really just come down to ankle mobility that is my biggest enemy and the real limiter on my squat.

      Every day I spend 10min doing the general hip opener routine prior to any movement in my day. Then prior to working out i throw in a voodoo band along with the three general banded ankle mobility routines. Trying to improve that dorsiflexion. Having primed my ankles, hips and other body parts, I sit in the best deep squat possible for 10min. Working on shapes, staying active. This is an everyday routine now. Whether or not im working out. If I do workout then the ankle mob is great for whatever im doing in the workout that day.
      Come the night time and its a daily maintenance/20min foam roll/static and dynamic stretch of hamstrings, quads, hip flexors, and calves.

      My questions really is.. is this correct in what I’m doing or should I dial back and chill out? I feel great, no pain, and the joy of this pandemic is that its given me time to work on myself. I understand default position and if I’m not practicing better movement and position throughout the day then what are we talking about. Having said that, I bought some OLY shoes to help with squats during workouts. So I guess its a case of should I continue and just keep cracking on or dial back?

      Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

      PS the results are showing. Ankle ROM has improved from a 6cm knee to wall test to a 9cm knee to wall test in two months which is banging! However a long way to go.


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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Great to hear you are looking at environmental factors that can impact mobility and your experiences in life.
      1% better in an aspect each day translates into solid sustainable change.

      The ankles can be stubborn.
      Have you check out this episode?
      Pro Episode # 44: The Last 25% of Your Ankle Restriction (Snatches and Pistols here we come!)

      Excellent to hear you are feeling great.
      Sounds like you are building a good understanding of concepts.
      It is ok to use Oly shoes with squats. This is one application for oly shoes.
      However,continue working on your ankle restrictions.

      You can mix in working different areas as you are working with the ankle restrictions.
      Can start another archetype or if an area needs attention.

      Spending 10, 20, 30 minutes a day helps to stay on top of things.
      Some days you may have more time than other days which is fine. Consistency in getting a dose in is key.

      Great results with what you are doing to address the ankle restrictions. Chipping away at it.

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      AvatarMike du Randt

      Hi Kaitlin,
      Thank you for that! I feel that it is less heel restriction and more achilles tendon that seems to be holding me back from progress.
      Kelly posted a video on spending time in a dorsiflexed position with focus being on the calf muscle. That has been doing wonders but just curious to know if there is anything I should add to this daily practice/routine to help bring further improvements?

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      Kaitlin LyonsKaitlin Lyons

      Hi Mike,
      Gotcha good to hear you are narrowing it down further.
      Those were 2 good videos you mentioned.
      Have you checked this one out?
      Thursday, December 7th, 2017 – Achilles & Low Calf
      There are some great doses to hit the Achilles in the archive.
      Working upstream can help.
      The warm up in the workout/sport section is good.
      From the blog Kelly’s 10:00 Morning Routine and Kelly’s Evening Routine are good to check in with things.
      What you have established sounds good if it is addressing what is needed.
      When something comes up make some adjustments.

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      AvatarMike du Randt

      Hi Kaitlin,
      Magical thank you. That looks amazing.
      I will certainly dive deep into the archives there and see what brings about some change!
      1% every day.
      Thanx for the help.

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