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      Hey guys. 

      When I jerk/press/thruster I get an annoying pain in my right shoulder, not always but very often. I think it has something to do with my external rotation or something with my anterior deltoid because when holding arm above head the pain is located in the shoulder close to my neck. 

      I don’t know if I do this every time I jerk or snatch, but quite often people tell me that my head is tilting to the right when I got weight overhead. I’m working alot on my overhead mobility (thoracic spine, shoulders internal and external rotation, lats and alot around my scapula). Sometimes the pain shows itself when doing supinated pullups aswell which I guess has something to do with external rotation. 
      Anyway, I’m trying a ton of mobilizations but can’t find the one solving the problem “for good”. I’m doing most of the mobilizations 1-3 times a week.
      Is there anyone out there with a similar problem or some tips to solve it? 
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      Are you seeing improvements with what you are addressing?
      It may not be a mobility issue.
      It could be a deviation in your position.
      Can you have someone take a look at your positioning?
      Sounds like you need to improve your shoulder position.
      Another area to address the 1st rib?
      Daily Rx November 3rd
      Pro Episode # 43 – Pro user Request Friday: Snatch, Sotts & Torque
      Jill Miller and Your Dys-Supple Neck
      Seriously. Do This Yesterday. One of My All Time Shoulder Fixes

      Anterior Delt Barbell Smash
      The 500th Video; Great Sub-Scap Shoulder Smash Drill

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      Forgot to check back in after posting.

      Im seeing short-term improvements. If there is alot of pressing/HSPU or stuff i’m back to pain in a couple of days.
      I have a deskjob, although im standing all the time when in my office its hard to stand up doing the job at customers since we’re normally put into conference-rooms when auditing which doesn’t help at all. 
      I started doing Jill Millers thing today and I actually feel it helping. 
      The ball in the first rib I try out sometimes at home with a kettlebell hanging through a ringband which also helps a bit, but I think it would be better when taping the ball to a barbell (which probably also makes it more durable and easy to perform). 
      Regarding the delt barbell smash I think this would be a good solution after watching the video. 
      The more I think about it, the more I realize it looks like the place I get into pain when doing presses and stuff. 

      Anyway, here is a video of me doing pushpresses yesterday, as you can see I’m tilting my head towards my right shoulder. If I was to take a picture of me without a shirt, my left shoulder would be a bit bigger and slightly more elevated than the right aswell. Could this be something about the problem aswell?
      Been to my naprapath for this issue and she can’t correct it at full, just small steps for a bit more even shoulders. 
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      Thank you Kaitlin!

      Tried a couple of these today, everyone except the ones I need tape to use. 
      Actually did try one or two of the ones you posted earlier, and the more I think about it, the more convinced I am they are the ones actually helping earlier and not the other ones I posted. 
      Think the barbell deltoid smash was really good, and also the painful beautyqueen and so on. 
      Going to get some coachtape tomorrow and test the other ones which I think will be good aswell.
      Greatful forever for you telling me this. 
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      Great to hear you are starting to get things identified to get back in order.
      Glad to help with it.
      Look forward to hearing about how things are improving.

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      Head is getting straighter and straighter while pressing.

      Shoulder-pain is still there, but not as much so I guess its getting away aswell.
      But I realized when filming my Pushpress yesterday that im “raising” my scapula while pressing which looks like the right arm/shoulder is higher than the left at the top of the press(at the lockout). 
      Is there any great exercises for learning how to organize/stabilize the scapula or is it just a mobility-issue? 
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      As far as organizing your scapula better there are somethings you can do. Being able to set your shoulder in the correct position is one.Some other things could be strengthening your rhomboids, mid-traps,and posterior serratus. These are some of the mwods i like for the shoulder
      Setting the Shoulder with super-d
      Episode 41: Stab yourself
      Episode 51: Unglue your upper body
      Episodes101,102,103(all shoulder related)
      Episode155: peri-scapula death by pain ball

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      It could be a motor learning issue not a mobility issue.
      Do you have a clear understanding of what is required to have a stable shoulder position?
      Are you able to replicate this?
      There is a good explanation in Becoming A Supple Leopard.

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      Kaitlin, at least I thought I was able to replicate it. But might’ve realized a thing or two the other day when reading in BASL. I’ll get back to you on that one. Because yesterday I tried to set up the shoulder then take the bar and shoulderpress and it felt a bit less awkward, could be the mobility or could be trying to set the shoulder right from the start. 

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      Good to hear it felt less awkward.
      Setting the correct position from the start with each rep will groove the improved movement pattern and it will become just the way you press. It can take some time to establish a new neuropathway for the changed technique. Perform skill work to work with the new positioning. Keeping working with it. It will prove beneficial and you will see improvements with other pressing movements.

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