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      AvatarEvan Taras

      I have always had very tight shoulders. which tool works best tight shoulders.  I have to correct my head position and my shoulders are rounded a bit.  Also my upper back is tight

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      For the t spine the Gemini
      Go to the Gemini page click where it says learn how to get the most out of this mobility product (under the photo), click on one of the + signs and click the view video link that comes up.
      Kelly speaks about using the Gemini to address head position at 1:50.

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      AvatarEvan Taras

      Thanks Kaitlin.  I did see the video and saw that. I ended ordering the Gemini, because of that and the other one was out of stock.

      I was wondering if it came with instructions or other videos.  The video showed a few areas where you can use this,  but in the image to the product was hitting another area
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