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      I’ve been working on my running form and I think it’s pretty decent.

      However now that the temp has dropped, I went running last night and my the muscles on the back of my neck were killing me when I got back from a quick 2 mile run.  If I don’t wear earbuds or something over my ears when I run or play sports when it’s cold, I get a really bad ear/head ache. I was wearing earbuds, so my ears were fine – but if you can relate to this pain, then my neck pain was very similar in nature.

      I’m curious if there’s something I can do to prevent this from a physio level. Sure I can maybe just wear a scarf when I run, but I’m wondering if there’s something fundamentally wrong that I should address instead of just putting a band-aid on the problem?

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      If it is cold out then wearing a scarf isn’t a band-aid on a situation.
      It is dressing appropriately for the conditions.
      Do you have neck pain when it is not cold out?
      Your head may be forward on your neck.
      Episode 169: Forward Head On Neck Position
      Episode 341: Runner’s Shoulders
      TMJd, Jaw Mechanics, and Head Aches Part 1
      TMJd, Jaw Mechanics, and Head Aches Part 2

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      I guess my point was that if there was an underlying issue, I wanted to know how to approach it instead of just relying on the scarf. But if the scarf is the only fix, great!

      Having my head forward makes sense. Not sure why I didn’t’ think about it – I guess I thought that since I had my torso in a good position, my head was also in a good position. This also makes sense since it was the muscles on the back of my neck that were killing me.

       Thanks Kaitlin!

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      AvatarHayden Stoebener

      I find that when my shoulders are severely lacking internal rotation my neck and head position suffer to the point where my traps actually get fatigued when running long distance even at a slow pace. Doing the sleeper stretch and some easy levator scapulae stretches seems to clear up the problem. Don’t let yourself be a victim to Delta Bravo syndrome. Remedy it before it attacks you as well!

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