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      AvatarMelissa Nooney

        I’m quite tight in my anterior hip from my track and field running days (which causes a slight Anterior tilt), when I squat I can feel it restricting my unless I mobilize the posterior hip and set it to the back of the socket (of which I owe a huge thankyou to KStarr and Mobilitywod in their techniques and tips I’ve implemented so far to relieve pain and improve mobility as a whole!). When I mobilize my anterior hip with the Mwod techniques I feel free in my anterior hip/quad but much more restriction during my squat – which includes impingement-like pain.

        My question is: Am I missing something here as to what the issue may be or should I continue to work on mobilizing my anterior hip and just include posterior mobilization techniques after each time?

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          If you anterior hip is tight figure out what is causing the tightness and go to work on it.
          It may be an area that needs alot of work.
          These may help:
          Episode 198: Open Up You Hips For Better Squatting
          Episode 87: Hip Impingement 2: Band Variation
          Super Sumo Groin Mob
          Foot Position Test: Breaking Diane
          Episode 363: Pre-Squat Hip Opener Mob-Rx

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          AvatarMelissa Nooney

            Thanks Kaitlin, ill check out those episodes and hopefully find something. FYI – the Super Sumo Groin Mob made it extremely painful during the retesting squat after it

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