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      If anyone could give input, I would really appreciate it. I have had knee throbbing and pain while sitting for some time know. I have been a life-long wrestler and now coach so I attribute alot of the pain from years of twisting and general knee abuse. Now, if I squat or do anything repetitive with my knees, I feel serious aches and pain when sitting with bent knees, walking up stairs, getting in the car and out, etc. Squatting has become painful on most days. Knee sleeves have helped.

      First, does anyone have an idea what is going on? Secondly, what can I do to remediate my knees. At 39, I didn’t ever think I would have these issues.



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      Have you evaluated your sitting position?
      Establishing a better sitting position will help address the issue.
      Have someone watch your squat technique to identify if there are any deviations in technique.
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      When you squat, can you do so while keeping your knee’s behind your toes, keeping your big toe on the ground, and without your heel lifting off the floor?

      If you’re feeling pain while sitting, it sounds like Patella Femoral Syndrome. I had it, and it’s gone away when I started to address the three things listed above.

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