Daily Mobility Exercises by Dr. Kelly Starrett Forums Back Thoracic Outlet Syndrome – Anyone familiar with this?

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      So, I finally saw the doctor and they said I have two likely conditions: bulged discs in my thoracic and cervical spine, and also Thoracic Outlet Syndrome on my left side.

      Is anyone familiar with these conditions? I know TOS has specific physical therapy/stretching associated with it so if anyone knows the mobility exercises I’d love to know them.
      I have a consult with a back specialist in 10 days who will likely order me to do an MRI. They notified me that the likely solution will be an epidural of cortisone into my spine/back and then physical therapy. Blah.
      Thanks for your time/help guys!
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      If you know you will have PT I’d start doing some research to find the best PT in your area.
      Episode 257: Athletic Thoracic Outlet
      What caused the bulged discs?
      Did you have trauma to the collar bone area?
      Have you done 1st rib mobility?
      What are you doing to address the situation now?

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