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      AvatarRyan Geary

      I’ve had tight quads and hips for quite some time as a result of oly lifting combined with a 60 hour a week desk job.

      Tonight, with especially an especially sore right quad after going max all week, I was doing the upright couch stretch banded, like what’s going on here at 1:20:


      I set the timer for 2 minutes and struggled to stay in there, but right around 1:50 mark I HEARD tearing (like pages out of a book) and felt a flicker in my hip crease.  Needless to say I screamed and fell out of the stretch.
      I can squat bodyweight 100% range with no pain, swing my leg around normally, do everything without pain, although when I touch the area (where my thigh) meets my lower abdomen, its a little sore.
      If I heard it tear then I must have torn something, right?
      BTW, lower back pain that I’ve had for months has also disappeared. 
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      AvatarKyle Rota

      >felt a flicker

      I think an actual muscle tear would hurt more than ‘a flickr’. If you can lift your knee above 90 and resist it being pushed down without pain the psoas is not torn, though there’s dozens of other muscles that could be affected. My guess would be maybe fascial or a capsular stretch/strain, but you should see a doctor if it’s a concern and don’t stretch there for a while. 
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      Sounds like you need to see a doctor.
      There doesn’t have to be pain for something to need attention.
      Pain is a lagging indicator.
      Sounds like you identified the root cause of your back pain.

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      AvatarKeith Borg

      Sounds actually like you tore some kind of adhesion! If your movement is better and your back pain is better, hang tough and see what happens with the point tenderness. And don’t get so tight.  You CANNOT oly and sit.

      Quit that silly bs.
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      AvatarJames Elwin

      I feel a lot of tearing in my “grundle region” if I squeeze my rumble roller between my legs or if I’m doing dynamic stretches over a hurdle or a lowered Oly bar. Always feel better afterward which means my groin and adductors were probably just tight and stiff. Also the psoas connects to the lumbar spine so a tight psoas can cause lower back pain from lack of hip flexion.
      Hence why my lower back hates me after deadlift or box jumps.

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      AvatarRyan Geary

      Thanks for all the replies, here’s an update:

      Next morning:
      Slight pain of walking and palpation, performed some ROM exercises (plus some bench and chins).
      36-48 hours later pain is reduced, very light oly workout, no pain during or afterwards.
      4 days later, still have my gnarly quad but the psoas is rocking, did 5×5 on toes to bar after snatching and front squats.
      Must have been an adhesion (as Kstar suggested) thank God!  That ugly sucker must have been building up for years!  Word to others out there, it took a banded “super” stretch to attack it, and when it tore off it took nearly the full 2 minutes of pain in the stretch before it finally released, and when it did it was a real shocker.   I’m doing that stretch every week now because I obviously have a tendency to get tight there.
      I’ve also spent 30mins thoroughly running through the lower trunk alignment:
      Kelly, you are right on, I know sitting and oly don’t mix, I am addressing it by:
      Reducing my total desk hours to 45 per week
      Taking phone calls standing (can knock an hour or two off a day)
      Stretching on 4 separate occasions throughout the day – my colleagues think I’m nuts, but sadly the joke’s on them 🙁
      My 45 min commute is always standing
      Following your advice on your motivating Google talk:
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      Avatar[email protected]

      So how do you folks know how much pain is too much? How do we avoid tears with aggressive stretches like these?

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      AvatarDana Mason

      The same thing happened to me yesterday doing the exact same stretch. I felt a weird sensation around my hips (as if something had been moved out of place) and fell out of the stretch immediately. I feel pain when I tense my glutes or get into a lunge position. I spend a lot of my time sitting and also have tight IT band, quads and hip flexors. Could this be the same thing or have I just strained something?

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