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      Hi all,

      Sorry for a very long post but all replies will be very appreciated!

      For the last 11 months I have had a painful injury which does not have an exact location in the front of the thigh region on my left side.
      At first I believed the pain to come about from being inactive for several months and then jumping back into training doing too much too soon (I broke my hand playing rugby and started a new job so ‘extra’ activity such as sports, fitness, weight lifting took a back seat. I was working as a green keeper on a golf course, days varied between little to lots of physical activity)

      After a 3 month lay off, I did not return to rugby and did not include running in my training, however I did start going to the gym daily (5-6 days a week) and would back squat daily. I was squatting ‘light’ and ‘heavy’ every other day back to back for example: Monday- Light, Tuesday- Heavy, Wednesday- Light, Thursday- Heavy etc. (light- 8-10 rep sets, heavy-5 rep sets).

      The pain originated at the front of my thigh in what I believed to be a ‘tight’ hip flexor, so I would stretch my hip flexors and included goblet squats.
      The pain did subside and I would only feel it now and then so I thought it would go away all together.
      Over time the pain got worse and what started off as a ‘pinch’ feeling became a ‘stabbing’ feeling, the pain also moved down my thigh to include the adductor and the vastus medialis.
      I then stopped weight training but would continue to stretch and roll and also had sports massages.
      Some days would be agony and other days would be completely pain free, which put me off seeing a doctor.

      Eventually I went to my doctor and he checked me over and he prescribed me ‘Naproxen’ and sent me for an X-ray to check out my pelvis. X-ray came back showing nothing at all and the ‘Naproxen’ did not do a thing. I went back to my doctor and all he said was keep resting, I wanted to see a specialist but the most I got from it was a letter saying I could apply for physio.
      I did not opt for physio as I’m going travelling for 4 months within the next 2 weeks and I would not have been seen in time.

      The best way to describe where I feel the pain is ALL along the Sartorius muscle, I’ve tried self massage and foam rolling the area with little to no effect (Except some pain and some bruising from digging my thumbs and elbows in). I have the pain even when in a relaxed state i.e sitting down.

      Overall, exercise/ movements that cause sharp pain are squats and walking.
      Also whilst stretching I can not bring my knee to my chest without pain and has very limited range compared to the other leg!

      Sorry for the long post!

      all replies are appreciated!

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