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      I’ve heard that Kapandji’s books are amazing; especially the set of 3 volumes.

      What’s odd is that I know people with the e-book versions – but I can’t find them online anywhere.

      There are some paperback copies available which were published back in 1988. All of which sell for around $20-$40.

      There are also some more recent copies “available” that were semi-recently published in 2008. Here’s the odd thing about their “availability”, Volume 3 – starts at $385, volume 1 – sells for $200+, and Volume 2 – sells for $500+.

      Does anyone know what is going on? There’s hardly any details around these books and the author other than a handful of great reviews. It seems that the new books are updated versions of the old ones from 1988 – but how does that make the cost differential that huge?

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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Thor, they look great!

      I just ordered some from Alibris.com. I got new 6th editions of Vol 1 and 3 for only ~$32 each. I bought a new copy of 5th edition Vol 2 which wasn’t available in 6th edition.
      I wouldn’t pay the exorbitant prices. I think that some sellers look on amazon, see that it’s not available and see if any suckers will pay the ridiculous price. as soon as someone puts it up for a real price, that price disappears. i think it’s a bad scam.  In any case, there are many places online to look for a book…
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      David you are a gentleman and a scholar – Thank you very much. All of the places I normally visit for book shopping either had the same prices, or just didn’t carry anything by the author. I’ve never heard of Alibris.com, but I just placed my order.


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      AvatarNathan Richer

      ha you’re welcome!

      Alibris.com is mostly a used/rare book seller. You can often find stuff there and not anywhere else. Also a lot of book sellers list in multiple places, so it’s most likely the same seller with the same ridiculous price you’re seeing in a lot of the usual book buying places…
      I also go to powells.com which is pretty good.
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      AvatarNathan Richer

      Hey Thor,

      the books arrived – how weird to have special South African editions. They look to be really excellent! Thanks for the pointer.
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      Lol same here! Mine are from South Asia! 😛

      They’re ridiculously good! The illustrations just do such a great job explaining every motion and force on each part of the body.

      If you like these books, I highly recommend Yoga Anatomy: http://www.amazon.com/Yoga-Anatomy-2nd-Edition-Leslie-Kaminoff/dp/1450400248

      Also great illustrations, but it gives a solid understanding of how and why the neuromuscular system works with not only breathing, but every other system in the body. The pdf version is pretty nice too. 😉

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      AvatarRob Tumy

      Hi guys,

      I’m also interested in purchasing these books. Just wondering if there are any significant differences between the earlier editions and the recent editions of the 3 volumes?
      Thanks in advance for further help
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