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      I must of skipped over this, but ever since I started working on Anterior internal rotation components of my femor I started to see great results.  

      It feels like the TFL and sartorius are being pulled inward when I perform the internal rotation exercises.  This has resulted in a sore gluteus medius and maximus on my right side.  I am hoping that my left is not sore because it was firing correctly all this time.  Does anybody have any ideas on that?  My left foot does not arch naturally compared to my right which is odd considering the soreness in my glute.
      I think the knees out cue actually worsened my internal rotation.  I have always been addressing the ideas of not having a valgus knee, feet straight, and knees out in the squat.  I associated that shape with sitting as well which I feel like caused the sartorius to get junky.  And with out paying attention to the internal rotation side – I just made it very junky.
      I have been able to address internal rotation while sitting and driving which I feel is a huge plus.  I haven’t been able to make large change in my tissues for a while and finally found one mob that works.  
      It is very nice to feel what its like to fix very junky tissue.  It is also very nice to feel what it is like to have down stream restrictions.  While I knew I had them, I couldn’t truly feel it because I was still being restricted upstream.  
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      As you work with improving your positioning you may start using muscles that you have not used before.
      The changed positioning can take some time to build.
      You may need to strengthen your left foot.
      As one thing gets cleared up you may uncover other things as we are a system of systems.
      You may have been making compensations that you were not aware of.
      As things are improved these can start to show more.
      Keep working through things chipping away at all the parts.
      If a situation has been a certain way for an extended amount of time it can take some time to start to see results because the old position/movement pattern was a habit.
      Habits aren’t easily broken.
      Creating new neuro pathways for the changed positioning may take time.

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