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      AvatarJames Dowling

      I am always thinking about mid line stabilisation but I seem to have problems with squeezing my butt. I can keep the position in standing and walking positions but the moment I add a complex movement it seems like it switches off. For example, once I complete my set up for a back squat and proceed with the movement I feel like my butt switches off automatically. How on earth can you keep your butt switched on or am I still doing it correctly as once I proceed with completing the move I can fell my butt is engaged in the hole.

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      AvatarKatie Hemphill

      Hey Scott,

      The “butt tight” part of the bracing sequence is basically just a pelvis-aligner. It’s to help you get your pelvis into a good position, which then allows you to achieve a good spine position which is what you are trying to brace.
      You can’t really keep your glutes on full blast and complete those movements. There has to be a constantly-adjusted tension tension through these tissues to allow you to go through their full lengths.
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