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      I can”t say THANK YOU enough! I spent 14 years in the Army (Infantry) and 2 deployments to Iraq. I have spent the last 10 yrs w/ severe back pain caused by herniated l4-l5-s1 discs. I refused to have surgery when it was offered because they wanted to fuse 5 vertebrae together. I tried to do as much physical activity as possible but most times it ended in lower back spasms that would sometimes last for days w/ the only relief being a trip to the emergency room for a shot of Toradol. I refused the 120 percocet the VA prescribed me per month and instead just used motrin and stretching to keep the pain somewhat managed. Then a month ago I discovered this website. I watched some of the videos on youtube and started mobility training, mainly using a foam roller and a lacrosse ball. Then I bought BASL on ibooks. It has literally changed my life. I no longer have constant pain, mainly due to learning how to brace my spine in the standing and seated position which has helped the excessive extension, which I believe is what lead to the majority of my low back issues. Now I am going after my tight psoas, hip flexors, and quads that are keeping my pelvis in a bad position.

      I never dreamed that I would be almost pain free, let alone have mobility, range of motion, and most importantly my life back. I tell everyone who will listen about this program. I have turned some of my buddies who suffer back, shoulder, and knee issues from the Army on to it and they have started making progress as well. It is even helping my Mom who has back and neck issues from being seated in front of a computer all day.
      Your program is a true life changer! If Kstar is ever near Raleigh, NC I owe him dinner, drinks or hell what ever he wants!
      Thank you and your staff again for giving me my life back!

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      Great to hear about your improvements and the next areas you are going after.
      Excellent to hear you are sharing the website and your buddies are seeing improvements in their situations.
      Awesome to hear you are helping your Mom.
      Keep chipping away at your problem areas and helping those around you.

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