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      AvatarBrett Itterman

      I’m pretty sure I have sustained a TFCC injury that doesn’t seem to be healing properly.  Cleans and snatches really seem to exacerbate the ulnar sided wrist pain along this structure.   Any suggestions?    It had improved greatly after a period of immobilization for 6 weeks but then got flared up again.  

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      AvatarSoren Kindem

      Yeah I have the same problem. The pain just appeared last week. Do you have any suggestions?

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      Did you complete any PT for it?
      If not this would be a good idea to help the transitioning.
      It may not have been completely healed.
      Too much force or compression on either side of the joint can lead to pain and altered movement patterns.
      Have you identified what caused it?
      Looked at mechanics/technique of the skill or element?

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