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      So I’ve been working on a lot of my knee problems resulting from a ridiculously intense sedentary lifestyle for about 25 years of my life. I feel like I’m nearing the end of my “rehab” and am now able to be functionally strong.

      One of the last things I feel I need to work on is the correct timing with muscles. During my feet strengthening exercises I’ve noticed that I can get some good dorsiflexion going along with coinciding VMO contraction. It’s a very interesting feeling that runs a path starting all the way down at your toe and working its way up to your hip. It’s also interesting that I really was only able to feel this connection/timing when I could hyper extend my knee just a little bit – similar to what Kelly talks about in his Terminal Knee Extension Series.

      I’m curious if this is something I should be feeling and focusing on? Perhaps I should be taking it further and try to get all my quad muscles to fire?

      To break some things down, these are the kinds of foot strengthening exercises I do:
      Foot Stengthening

      When I dorsiflex with the resistance I also feel the VMO light up. It happened naturally on my right leg, but when I tried to do it on my left leg, I actually had to learn the timing. Also, I had to  pull my lower leg (from the tibia down) inwards similar to how, again, Kelly explains the mulligan technique in his Terminal Knee Extension Series.  Hence my title asking for maybe a 4th part to the series – if in fact this timing I’m coming across has value and it is linked to the terminal knee extension that is gained from the series.

      Please share your thoughts. 🙂

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      Were you able to increase your ability to hyper-extend the knee by rotating the tibia inwards per that video? I’ve been working on that for a couple months on my left knee and have seen a bit of progress, but still can’t hyper-extend it nearly as much as my right. It’s frustrating.

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      I didn’t have a problem hyper extending, but I did have a problem having the tibia internally rotate through poplitieus (or lack thereof) contraction. Getting the quad to time properly in the right fashion was also an issue. Unilateral Leg extensions further helped develop proper timing for full quad timing.

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