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      AvatarAimee Phillips

      I started to feel it after working on Split Jerk. In the following weeks any overhead press movement was met with a nasty twinge! Any thoughts or help?

      I went to a local physio who said I had tendonitis in the ligaments around that area – Ill give him a miss next time!!! ha
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      Has anyone look at your split jerk technique?
      Did the physio give you any direction on improving the situation?
      Have you looked at t spine, 1 st rib, lateral seam, over head distraction mobs?
      Are you missing external or internal rotation?
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      AvatarAimee Phillips
      Yes technique needs some work, however more work on midline stabilisation with weight overhead.
      Physio gave some very basic exercises with theraband.
      Over head distraction causes some discomfort in the area of pain.

      Hugely missing external rotation..its been a long process of trying to correct it particularly noticeable in front rack position. 

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      Your body make compensations that you may or may not be aware of up/downstream of the restriction.
      This is a contributing factor. Your shoulder probably isn’t in the best position which is causing the issue.
      Missing alot of external rotation is another impacting factor.
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      AvatarAimee Phillips

      Kaitlin, thanks for you help. 

      I spent some time this morning on the above mobility videos. Specifically though I spent some time with a table and pole for ext rotation and found a huge tug in my upper lat, right under my arm pitt. Is this usual?
      Thanks for your response and help! 
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